Rick Perry announces campaign money

So the Perry campaign announced their total raised between January and June yesterday:  $4.2 million.  This is a big number.  It takes his total cash on hand to $9.3 million.  This haul doesn’t double Perry’s previous best, but it’s close.  His camp has to be pleased with these numbers.

The thing that makes me laugh is the how they’re trying to spin this.  You raised a ton of money, so why are you trying to claim it was all done in 9 days.  Are you kidding me?  Anyone with a brain realizes that this money is committed long before the end of the legislative session (during which Perry is not allowed to receive contributions).  I suppose Perry thinks the common news consumer doesn’t know the ins-and-outs of the Texas Ethics Commission laws and that news outlets won’t get into that detail.  The sad part about all of that is that he’s probably right.

The point is that Perry raised a lot of money and somehow that’s not enough.  The compulsion for him to spin when he’s campaigning is enough to make your stomach turn.

The Hutchison campaign has yet to release their numbers.  All seems to be going to plan, according to my previous prediction though.  I said Perry would end up with about $9 million on hand and Hutchison could have up to $10 million.  I imagine we’ll hear next week what they have.  And mor importantly, if I was right! 🙂


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