Texas Gov. Race Poll: Part 2

If you will recall, there was a poll released about two weeks ago by the Texas Lyceum (I don’t know what it is either, don’t worry).  Here’s one place with the results.  People, including Texas Monthly’s Paul Burka largely dismissed this poll that had Perry at 33 percent and Hutchison at 21.

Today, another poll was released by the same pollsters.  Shockingly, it had similar results.  This one had Perry at 36 and Hutchison at 24. What’s fascinating though, is that commentators such as Paul Burka are deciding that this one is credible, after crushing the last one.  Wait, what?

I decided a long time ago to stop trying to figure that man out.  At times he’s eerily prescient and then he seems completely out in left field.  I suppose that’s all part of the business, but Paul seems to have a broader pendulum swing than most journalists.  Then again, it may not be him at all.  As sad as this statement is for the state of journalism, editors at Texas Monthly may have asked him to add some spice to the blandness of the political landscape this summer.  We’ll never know.  Either way, he lashes out today:

I find Perry’s lead to be quite believable. Hutchison is running the worst campaign imaginable. She has essentially abandoned the field to Perry. She has been invisible.

Two weeks ago, Burka said this about Perry’s 12-point lead:

I don’t think these numbers are good for Perry. Forget the 12-point lead. The number that jumps out is 33%. That’s all? This is a lower percentage than he got in the 2006 general election, when he famously won with 39%.

I don’t want to tell people how to run their lives, but this man needs a summer vacation.  Clear your head.  Did I miss something?  What could possibly happened in the last two weeks to make him so convinced that the opposite is suddenly true? Any thoughts?


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