Will Rick Perry disrupt Senate election process?

Today’s Statesman has a commentary by Gardner Selby that might pop some eyes regarding statewide elections in the coming months.  According to his column, if Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison steps down from her senate seat to allow another Republican to gain experience until the special election, Rick Perry may declare an emergency and hold the special election whenever he chooses.

This runs contrary to what most other political reporters have said. They claim that if Hutchison resigns early enough, the special election will be in November.  But if it’s after a certain deadline, the special election won’t beheld until May.  In essence, this Selby piece throws that logic out the window.

As stated above, the law requires to the governor to claim that this election must be held for emergency reasons.  Selby seems to think Perry will certainly invoke this rule.  I‘m just curious what the “emergency” will be? Obviously with a Perry-picked replacement, he has who he wants serving the citizens of Texas in (that God-forsaken place) Washington.  What would spur the need for an immediate, long-term replacement?

Obviously this is all detail stuff, but it’s fascinating nevertheless.


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