Hutchison campaign adds video

Good grief…  a guy takes a vacation to Iceland and everything hits the fan.  In the last week or so I missed a flurry of videos from the Hutchison camp, Perry announced some of his fundraising numbers and another poll shows how disinterested Texans are in all things politcs right now.  I say we tackle these topics in separate posts.  Shall we?

If you have missed the recent videos posted by the Hutchison campaign, you can watch them at their YouTube channel.  The first couple were about finance numbers–an impressive 6,500 donors.  The second video showed Texas “turning red for Kay.”  This video broke the state down into sections and how many donors per region.  The first video went viral with well over 1,000 views in about 2 days.  Check out the map one below:

The other set of videos that they’re releasing are titled “I Support Kay: [Name].”  The name really says it all, but they’re testimonials of Kay supporters.  It adds a cool aspect to the campaign.  As you might imagine, very little is happening this summer, so these videos are adding a little spice to a race that’s about 8 months away.  Check out this testimonial of Sylvia Mayer:


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