Hutchison rips union’s arrogance

Unions, you guys.  When will they learn?

According to The Hill, United Transportation Union (UTU) released a statement after President Obama nominated UTU General Counsel Daniel Elliot to the Surface Transportaiton Board that said:

The selection by President Obama of Dan Elliot and [former UTU official] Joe Szabo to head major transportation regulatory agencies is tribute to the political influence of the UTU, which flows from the UTU [political action committee (PAC)]. We have good reason to expect President Obama to reach into the UTU ranks for other appointments in the near future.

Oops.  Someone forgot to tell the UTU public relations team that you don’t publicly talk about being in bed with liberal presidents.  Commerce Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller and our own Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (who is the ranking Republican member of the committee) ripped into the UTU during the confirmation panel meeting.

Highlights include the following terms describing the UTU’s actions:  embarrassing, ridiculous, troubling, self-aggrandizing, inappropriate and harmful. ZING!

So glad this is a right to work state.  You can read the UTU’s side of things in their press release here.  The Senate blog SENATUS also covered the flap.


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