Rick Perry’s fundraising follies

Today’s Dallas Morning News throws egg all over the faces of Rick Perry and his spokesman Mark Miner.  Miner asserted a few weeks ago that Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison “looked into the camera and lied to the people” when she said that she and Perry had the same amount of time to raise funds during the January to June fundraising period.

It turns out that Hutchison was right. Christy Hoppe reported this morning that Perry made no less than 11 cross-state trips to gently remind his biggest donors, known as the Century Council, that he’s running for governor again in 2010.  Further enforcing Perry’s “pay to play” style politics, Hoppe also reported that in 2009 Perry gave $300,000 in contracts and $11,000 in steaks to past supporters.

Hutchison’s claim (now bolstered by facts) was something everyone knew, but that Perry and his team tried to gloss over.  The Texas Ethics Commission campaign report showed that Perry met with 30-60 supporters in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and several other cities across the state.  As Hutchison announced she outraised Perry by more than $2 million in the same period, Perry’s team focused on Hutchison’s claim that both candidates were playing by essentially the same rules.  Because of Perry’s weak fundraising, his team tried to shift the focus from Hutchison’s $6.7 million raised.

This news has to blister bloggers like the Perry-supporting “Rick vs. Kay,” who wrote, “Kay was lobbing accusations of serious felony campaign finance violations at Rick and not being challenged by the msm on it.”  Today’s DMN story not only gives MSM attention to the accusation, but supports the very candidate “Rick vs. Kay” is trying to tear down (“Advice to Kay… just shut up” …sounds balanced to me!)

I have no guesses what Perry’s next step will be, but this Miner quote from the DMN story might give us a clue:

“I’m not saying politics didn’t come up,” Miner said. “He’s sitting around in a group, and so politics is bound to come up.”

Hutchison’s campaign slogan recently has been “Results. Not Politics.”  Apparently Rick Perry’s new slogan is simply “Politics.” He’s currently in California–the land of Nancy Pelosi and like-minded liberals–raising money there.  Has Perry run out of people in Texas willing to join his “pay to play” games?


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  1. Thanks for finding this! I will be blogging on this soon!

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