A blogger asks “Are Republicans gullible?”

I imagine that most Texas political blog readers–like you reading this one now–have a good handle on “who’s out there.”  But in case you missed it, I found a great post by a Texas Republican woman who does a good job analyzing the Perry-Hutchison race.

She brings up a great point about people who are on the fence in this race:

[T]he same short-sighted Republicans who gave us President Obama because of their refusal to support Senator John McCain could cause Texas to end up with a Democrat governor. Perry only got 39% of the vote in his last election. And he didn’t exactly have an impressive legislative session this time around.

A Democrat as the governor of Texas. At first thought, it’s almost hard to imagine.  But if you think about it, she’s right.  Perry barely escaped with his career last go-around.  Four more years of flirting with the TTC likely hasn’t gotten him very far.  A Perry vs. Democrat general election is a gamble for Republicans.

She continues her blog post by analyzing Perry’s conservative credentials, which she finds to be shakey at best.  (She makes the claim that his stances are mostly political pandering.)  It’s an interesting view.  I realize not all Texans share it, but as the race develops, we’ll see how the “Perry for 14 years” idea goes over with voters.


One response to “A blogger asks “Are Republicans gullible?”

  1. I think Texans are tired of Perry’s blustering. True, our economy is better than most of the US, but can’t really say that is due to anything Perry did. It’s more likely Craddick’s good economy. People groused about what a meanie he was as Speaker of the Texas House, but he sure kept a tight hold on those purse strings.

    Can’t imagine that Perry can overcome TTC/Garisil disasters. Kay has a long way to go to overcome her “outsider” status. Her hill is shorter to climb than his.

    Meanwhile, over in the corner the Dems are flipping a quarter to see who has to be the sacrificial lamb to run against either one of them. With Obama driving up taxes and unemployment, a Dem has no chance this year.

    Just sayin’.

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