Cell phone jamming and Broadband proposed by KBH

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison has been in the news lately for announcing her $6.7 million raised for the governor’s race.  But she’s also been busy getting legislation through the U.S. Senate.

Today’s Wall Street Journal is reporting on the cell phone jamming technology that Hutchison is pushing for jails.  Jails from across the country have reported that cell phones are being snuck in to inmates and used to continue illicit activity.  Dogs are brought in to cells to sniff out such technology, but the inmates are able to break them down and distribute the parts all over their cell, which throws the dogs off the scent.

Hutchison proposed that jamming technology be used to cut down on inmate cell phone use:

“When a single call can result in someone’s death, we have an obligation to exhaust every technology at our disposal,” said the committee’s ranking Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas at a Wednesday hearing.

A guard was killed recently because of an inmates cell phone call.

Hutchison also recently proposed expanding broadband Internet access to rural areas.  You can read her commentary at The Hill.  An excerpt:

More than any other technology this century, broadband has the potential to truly transform our lives. We cannot leave half of America behind in the process.


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