Senators get tough on Sotomayor

The Sonia Sotomayor hearings got underway yesterday.  While many believe she’s largely awaiting a rubber stamp from Congress, many are still taking a hard line on the judge, who’s publicly advocated for judicial activism in the past.

Sen. John Cornyn released a tough statement yesterday detailing the lingering questions he has for Sotomayor:

Judge Sotomayor: some of your opinions suggest that you would limit some of our basic constitutional rights – and some of your public statements suggest that you would invent rights that do not exist in our written Constitution.

Later, the remarks become more pointed:

[M]any more wonder whether you are the kind of judge who will uphold the written Constitution – or the kind of judge who will veer us even further off course -and towards new rights invented by judges rather than ratified by the people.

Yesterday, at her press conference, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison said she had concerns about Sotomayor, as well:

“I’m looking to the hearings to clarify some of the questions I have,” Hutchison said. In particular, she raised concerns about whether Sotomayor believes Second Amendment gun rights apply to individuals.

Stay tuned, Texans.  It may be a bumpy  road to confirmation.


One response to “Senators get tough on Sotomayor

  1. thenaturallawyer

    Judge Kyl’s line of questioning was excellent. Even though Sotomayor will be confirmed, it’s excellent that the Republicans are putting President Obama’s judicial philosophy on display through these hearings. Hopefully moderates and independents are tuning in…

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