Kay announces big haul, Perry deflects

Well in case you missed it yesterday (and how could you, honestly?) Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison announced that she’s opening her bid to be next governor of Texas in August.  She also announced, in a press conference in Dallas, that she raised more than $6.7 million in the last reporting cycle.  As you might imagine, the reaction has been quite entertaining.

The Hutchison camp is understandably excited about these numbers, and well they should be.  Shockingly, they weren’t the $20+ million the Perry campaign was claiming they ought to be.  To most people I’ve talked to, these numbers are impressive, particularly since it comes from more than 6,500 donors.  Perry’s $4.2 million came from just over 1,000 donors, meaning there are likely some big checks in his kitty.

But instead of engaging at all with the numbers, the Perry campaign has chosen a different course of action:  rumors.  Now, don’t get me wrong–I love a good Fleetwood Mac album, but this is just silly.  With the hope that this story will go viral, Perry told reporters today that it’s “always a possibility” that Sen. Hutchison would drop out of the race.  He may have been lucky enough to escape a challenge from her in 2006, but it certainly looks like “game on” from her end.

Even the most casual political observer can see right through Perry’s actions here–he got trounced in fundraising, so let’s try and change the story.  A politically survivalistic move?  You betcha, to quote his favorite Alaska governor-turned Democratic candidate campaigner.  But his maneuvering is also painfully transparent.

Think it’s not that bad?  Look at all the places Perry has planted this story:  One, Two, Three, Four…  I declare a dumb war…  Honestly, how dumb does he think Texans are?  Pretty dumb, apparently.


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