Twitter Campaigning

So, I’m going a little atypical today.  Normally, I cover what’s happening in the news, but some privileged informaton came my way, and I thought I’d pass it along to the blogosphere at large.  For those of you who are on Twitter, I hope this post will be particularly useful.

As I’m sure you already know, both major candidates for governor have set up Twitter accounts.  Governor Rick Perry’s 2010 feed is here, and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s feed is here.  They’re both using them to connect with voters in new and exciting ways.  Both camps have been releasing finance information on there all week.  As I mentioned yesterday, Hutchison has released several videos that detail various aspects of their finance numbers, but no solid number yet.  I should also add that Perry’s interns put together a video that says how many cheeseburgers you could buy with his fundraising money.  Solid.

Anyway, what’s interesting are the characters that pop up on Twitter.  Kay supporters have told me they get berated for applauding things Kay is doing. Even a few Perry supporters have told me they’ve seen this, too.  Two trolls in particular, known as “freeusfromthem” (whose moniker is Alex Hamilton…  ironic, considering Hamilton pushed hard for a strong Federal bank, whereas Thomas Jefferson wished to leave banks in the power of the individual states…  but that’s a nerd conversation for another day) and “TexanAgainstDC” pounce at anything related to Kay.  They must have a constant search running for mentions…  and an impressive amount of free time.

Regardless, someone who has spent time in the Perry campaign has informed me that these are almost certainly Perry campaign staffers.  The source says the only way that it’s not them is if they’re sending text that’s being repeated verbatim.  Until the campaign’s over, I have to keep these sources confidential, but believe me, they’re trustworthy.

Anyway, just something to keep your eye on, if you’re on Twitter.  These guys can be pretty rough, I’ve heard.  Keep me posted if you see anything else worth writing about in this arena…


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