Rick Perry vs. Brazoria County

In all the fuss over bills signed and vetoed, it’s easy to lose track of who wins and loses the most from these actions:  Texans.  One Brazoria County blog, The Facts, does a great job of focusing on the issues of their local community.  To them, HB 3202 was vitally important to the development of their area.

“I wish the governor had asked us before today,” bill author Rep. Dennis Bonnen, R-Angleton, said.

The story goes on to cite past actions by Gov. Perry that have been unexpected and broad in scope:

You might recall the 2007 session in which Perry unexpectedly vetoed $154 million for community college health benefits, accusing campuses across the state of, in effect, lying en mass on their appropriations requests to bilk Austin. That managed the neat trick of enraging community college officials and Republican lawmakers.

If enough people are able or willing to remember past events such as these, Perry could find himself in hot water during this primary.  Ten years is a lot of time to have afftected peoples’ lives…  or a lot of time to have wasted and not affect them at all.


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