SA Express News hits Perry on signing ceremony

Unfortunately I only have time for a quick post this afternoon, but the San Antonio Express-News has an interesting opinion piece out today.  As I’m sure you all remember, Gov. Rick Perry provided the pomp and circumstance of a Medieval coronation ceremony for the signing of a resolution that…  well…  didn’t require his signature. The SA Express-News is making it their job to point this out:

Politicians will always try to manage their images. And the Alamo provides an impressive backdrop. But not even the venerable old mission can obscure the difference between a contrived ceremony and a dubious track record.

The track record they’re referring to is Perry’s veto of an eminent domain reform bill from 2007 that would have laid the groundwork for Perry’s Trans-Texas Corridor.  Strong opposition to the corridor made the governor drop that idea, but the veto of diminished access to roadways persists.

Not surprisingly, the writers noted that with a tough primary battle against Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison looming, Perry needed to build up his property rights cred among Republicans.  He tried it.  Did it work?


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