Rick Perry to A&M: Week 2 Edition

First of all, apologies for the lack of posts in recent days.  I was either violently ill or otherwise preoccupied—I’ll let you decide.  We have a lot to get to, but I wanted to wrap up (maybe?) some of this “Rick Perry to A&M” talk that’s slowly simmering in the Texas media.

For starters, Austin American-Statesman cartoonist Ben Sargent drew up this one last week:

Sargent Comic

And just a few minutes ago, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s blog (Poli-Tex) ran another “will he, won’t he?” story about Perry ending up at Texas A&M. I began to think the post had nothing new to add to the conversation, until this interesting note at the end:

Perry has brought on board a new chief of staff, Ray Sullivan — a former staffer and campaign aide for both Perry and former Gov. George W. Bush — to replace Jay Kimbrough, who is expected to return to his own post at Texas A&M.

What could this mean?  Well,  if he felt he needed another pillow to help his landing after a tight primary battle with Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Perry has one in his former chief of staff (which, ironically, was the same role the school’s current chancellor, Mark McKinney, once held).  As always, stay tuned…


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