Erickson and Patrick endorse Perry

In the last few days, Gov. Rick Perry received endorsements from state Rep. Dan Patrick (surprising no one) and Red State’s Erick Erickson (what evil parents this lad must have).  If these endorsements do as much for Perry as the Palin endorsement, we’ll have forgotten about these by the end of the week.  Regardless, politicians of Perry’s calibur (i.e. those that focus on campaigning)  really like it when other people say nice things about them.

The Lonestar Times wrote a post about the Dan Patrick endorsement.  Below is an excerpt.  To add a little context to the second paragraph, Patrick is also a talk radio host in the afternoons on KSEV:

I think that it is true when Dan says that he and Perry line up on issues very closely. Both are rhetorical conservatives. Both tend to support nanny-state type of legislation and governance: recall Gov. Perry’s executive order to inject little girls with an unproven vaccine and Sen. Patrick’s various votes supporting restrictions on freedom for the sake of the children.  Both say they are for lower taxes and a good business environment. And both are truly against abortion and any expansion and funding of it.

Another interesting tidbit is that Dan’s long time supporter and radio personality/restaurateur, Edd Hendee, is on board for Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. Will we see Mornings for Kay and Afternoons for Rick on KSEV?

The Austin American-Statesman’s Jason Embry has some funny videos on his “First Reading” blog of Patrick and Perry (kudos to Ken Herman for the videos).  Rep. Patrick claims that his endorsement of Perry is not a personal matter, but his next statement is that “it’s just, this is life and death for me.” Um, what?

The endorsement from Erickson‘s “Red State” was…  interesting.  He makes the analogy that Rick Perry is to Texas what a CEO is to a business.  Anyone who has recently taken the SAT or GRE could tell you this is a trick answer.  Why?  Elections for public officials.  I might take a closer look at your safety schools, if I were you.  The excerpt below:

[Perry] has been at it for about a decade, ever since George W. Bush left for the White House. But it is also to his advantage. In an interview with Perry over the weekend, he said, “The ten years argument doesn’t hold water. If a company has been going strong for ten years, the shareholders don’t toss out the CEO.”

Erickson continues with a discussion about states rights and the role of the Federal government:

Perry is a passionate states’ rights supporter, going so far as to reject stimulus money from President Obama. Perry told me the federal government and the media, which he says is “deathly afraid of an honest, intellectual debate” on the role of the states and federal government, need to be reminded that the federal government was created by the states and not the other way around.

I hate to be the guy that’s constantly raining on this parade, but Perry accepted more than $12 billion in Federal stimulus money.  How deathly afraid of Texas could its own benefactor be?


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