Legal controversy of Bush Library at SMU

Former President George W. Bush might have a much lower profile these days, but he’s still making waves in some circles around Dallas.  The Dallas Morning News posted a story today by Gromer Jeffers Jr. about the Bush Library and SMU.  (Also, the paper has a page available for those who have seen 43 around town.)

Evidently there is a suit being filed against Bush and SMU by lawyer Gary Vodicka.  Vodicka is claiming SMU forced him out of his University Gardens condo to make way for the library. A Democratic district judge, Martin Hoffman, handed down a ruling that stated Bush must give a deposition to Vodicka regarding the library.

Jeffers points out, however, that if the case travels up the judicial ladder, it’s likely to face opposition from Republican judges. This is the nature of the judicial system in Texas, which elects its judges.

Bush attorneys challenged [Hoffman’s decision] and, on Friday, a state appeals court panel reversed Hoffman. The ruling was made by three Republican judges with the all-GOP 5th District Court of Appeals in Dallas.

The judges – Molly Francis, Jim Moseley and Michael O’Neill – said that Hoffman showed “abuse of discretion” and that “it appears Vodicka himself is unclear as to why he needs” the Bush deposition.

If the case makes its way to the Texas Supreme Court, as Vodicka hopes, it’s likely to again face opposition.  All nine judges are Republicans.

To read more about the Bush Library, click here.  You can also read about the library on the Bush Library Blog.


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