Hutchison supported Reagan, Perry for Gore

I usually try to live my life on the weekends, but I wanted to quickly draw your attention to a Dallas Morning News story.  If you will recall, last week Todd Gillman wrote a piece that made three claims that the Hutchison camp rebuffed.

  • The story attempted to depict Kay Bailey Hutchison as a “Ford Republican” rather than a “Reagan Republican” back in the 70s and 80s.  The fact of the matter is, Hutchison worked for the Ford administration, and (as you might expect) supported his re-election effort in 1976.  Since then, she solidly supported Reagan.
  • The story also claimed that Ray Hutchison supported Ford over Reagan.  Today’s story affirmed what Hutchison’s campaign said–Ray remained neutral as he was serving as the chairman of the Texas GOP at the time.
  • And finally, the original story’s intent was to uncover which GOPer is “more conservative.”  The author omitted the fact that Perry began his career as a Democrat and chaired Al Gore’s presidential run in Texas in 1988.

Here’s a link to today’s story that clears up last week’s.  I’ll be interested to see if either camp has a response to this story this week.


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