More Perry and Pawlenty connections

Quick post:  Just wanted to draw your attention to another Texas blog that caught the Pawlenty interview from Tuesday night.

Texas Vote’em, whose author evidently a proponent of executive term limits (or just limits on Gov. Perry), draws the connection between Pawlenty’s comments (“We do have common sense and good judgment, and we’re also good about taking turns … And so like everything else there’s a season in life, and eight years is enough.”) and Perry’s grab for 14 years as governor of Texas. He or she writes:

He’s running for a third term, and if he wins, individuals who were not born when he became governor will be in high school when he leaves office. It should be a sobering thought for someone who believes so strongly in limited government.

Again, in case you missed the Hannity and Pawlenty interview, it’s on YouTube here, while the full transcript can be found here.


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