Sarah Palin’s Decision Process

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has been getting batted around lately for her indecisiveness.  As I’m sure you’ve read, her staff accepted an invitation to speak at a GOP fundraiser this week.  That was back in March.  Since then, she’s decided to attend and then backed out about 30 more times.  This is June 7 (not attending), and this is June 8 (attending).  Seriously.

Kathleen Parker, a columnist at the Washington Post, said Palin’s “dysfunctional organization may be her undoing.”  This seems entirely plausible.  Think about it:  she raised $400,000 simply by opening the doors to her SarahPAC–no effort at all.  People love her.  And yet she’s continually making poor, very public decisions. Her defenders are still right by her side, but they’ll slowly start to peel away if she’s not able to exhibit some executive decision-making prowess, and soon.

For those of you who care at all, Palin eventually did attend the fundraiser but she did not speak.  Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich took her place.  More from Parker:

Palin’s fiercely independent streak is part of her charm but also may be her undoing. It’s one thing to campaign on an anti-inside-the-Beltway platform. But to play in the big leagues, you need people who know what they’re doing.

You don’t flirt and say “yes,” and then say “no,” and then say “maybe,” and then show up expecting a bouquet. The tease is a risky business. Palin did get to walk across the stage with Gingrich — to appreciative applause and a few whistles — but she wasn’t allowed to talk. Something about upstaging Gingrich.

Whether Palin can rally her resources by 2012 remains in serious doubt, even among her fans. Said yet another Palin admirer: “The problem is, she has had months to get it together and they haven’t. They could have had an excellent national team and state team working seamlessly.”

But they didn’t.

While 2012 is relatively far away, it would be nice if a sensible presidential candidate that we can all rally behind would present him/herself sometime soon.


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