Fiscal Responsibility Index

As a wrap up to the 81st legislative session, I wanted share this with you guys. released the fiscal responsibility index, which measures how lawmakers perform on size and role of government issues.  You can find the index here.

Interesting, while they were fewer Republicans in the House, more lawmakers voted conservatively in this session compared to last:

There may be fewer House Republicans (now just 76 of them), but they more philosophically grounded than those last Session. The House GOP average score rise from a 75.01 in 2007 to an 81.72 in 2009.  House Democrats saw no real change, a 31.74 in 2007 and a 30.92 in 2009.

The Senate’s average score rose from 38.86 in 2007 to 47.69 in 2009. Republicans in the upper chamber had an average 59.09 in 2009, compared to 48.46 in 2007. Meanwhile, the Democrats score in 2009 was a 29.65, compared to 21.49 in 2007.

This is all surprisingly good news for conservatives.  There are, however, a few Republicans that didn’t make the grade. lists those GOPers who scored below 70 percent, including Jim Jackson, Todd Smith and Charlie Geren.


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