The Back and Forth of Sotomayor

This Sotomayor situation is getting more interesting by the day.  First we had Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gingrich calling her a reverse racist.  Then Hutchison and Cornyn said “let’s hear what she has to say first.”  And then Newt and Rush back off.  Since when does this happen?

Sen. John Cornyn met with Obama Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor yesterday.  Cornyn vowed the process would be marked by civility and respect. He refused to deny that some Republicans may attempt a filibuster, however.

Cornyn, who leads the Senate Republicans’ campaign effort, told reporters after Thursday’s meeting that he hopes to “start a new trend in judicial confirmation hearings.”

“I pledged to her we would break that cycle – which is a vicious cycle – of mistreatment of nominees,” he said.

The controversy over Sotomayor stems from several places.  In 2001, she gave a speech detailing the different decisions made by “a wise Latina woman and a white man,” arguing that the former has life experiences that better inform decisions made from the bench, than the latter.  Another Sotomayor quote that’s getting a lot of press is her admitting that judging make policy from the bench.  Not exactly Constitutional, but whatever, right?

The Pondering Penguin’s got an interesting take on this so-called battle:  it’s not ours to fight.  The argument goes like this:  it’s a Democrat going out, it’s a Democrat coming in. The balance of the court won’t shift, so let’s not lose our minds over it.  We got (at least so far) what we wanted from Roberts and Alito last go-around, so it’s their turn.  I may not like it, but as Bruce Hornsby says, that’s just the way it is.  A filibuster would make us look petty when we’re trying to project leadership to the country.

What are your thoughts?


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