End of Session Newspaper Leads

The Texas Legislature closed up shop last night at midnight.  In case you missed the action, here are the leads from the state’s top newspapers.  Also, bonus points to whomever finds the story with the terms “meltdown” and “angry” used most often.  Follow the links for the full stories:

The Houston Chronicle:

AUSTIN — The 81st Texas Legislature ended Monday after a 140-day session that seemed as much about what lawmakers didn’t accomplish as it was about what they did.  (Full story here.)

The Dallas Morning News:

AUSTIN — The Legislature’s 2009 session ended in a bitter meltdown late Monday as the Senate refused to vote on whether to keep two major state agencies alive, setting up the possibility of a special session within months to revive the transportation and insurance departments.  (Full story here.)

The Austin American-Statesman:

The Texas Legislature, in an 11th-hour meltdown over $2 billion in road-building bonds and future construction projects, adjourned Monday, the last day of the session, without approving a safety-net measure to keep five agencies from shutting down — including the state’s primary transportation and insurance agencies.  (Full story here.)

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram:

AUSTIN — The 81st Legislature adjourned Monday night with angry state senators urging Gov. Rick Perry to call a special session to salvage $2 billion in highway transportation money. The money was left in limbo when the House killed legislation to keep the Texas Department of Transportation and four other state agencies operating.  (Full story here.)

The San Antonio Express-News:

“The action by the House was a disaster with respect to funding TxDOT,” said Senate Finance Committee Chairman Steve Ogden, R-Bryan. “Right now, the budget of TxDOT is wrecked.”
It was the culmination of bad feelings that have built between the two chambers, particularly after numerous bills died in the House when Democrats there stalled action for days in order to kill GOP voter-identification legislation.  (Full story here.)

And last but not least, the El Paso Times:

AUSTIN — The 140-day legislative session ended Monday with the looming potential of a special legislative session as the state Senate failed to approve a measure that would keep alive several state agencies, including the massive transportation department.
“We have forced the governor to call us back,” said state Sen. Leticia Van de Putte, D-San Antonio.  (Full story here.)


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